Throughout my career as a photographer, I have thrived in two VERY different markets, I am booked to capacity, I have been on an upward trajectory of earnings from year to year, and I have never stopped collecting knowledge on this industry. Running 2 photography studios and being a full-time working photographer adds to my ability to be able to teach relevant material to photographers in all stages of their journey.

Whether you're newly in business, or you’re frustrated with your progress; if you're trying to specialize in beauty or boudoir photography and you don't understand why your inbox is empty, if you aren't making enough money, if you feel like the market you're serving just cannot afford you, then let’s chat!

1 Hour One-on-One Q&A Session with Carrie

Being a successful photographer takes a ton of dedication, ongoing education, a whole lot of resilience, and even more flexibility. My social media is filled every day with photographers in all stages of the game asking for help on specific topics, asking for advice for their business, or just wanting to pick my brain. As much as I genuinely LOVE to be able to help as many people as possible t…it’s impossible for me to tackle these kinds of questions while also running my very full-time photography business without one facet or another suffering.

Based on my desire to help photographers become more successful and my lack of free time to do so, I’ve structured the ability for you to reserve an hour of my time via Zoom/Phone call to allow me to tackle your specific questions and help you grow your business

Whether you’re in a slump and need a traffic boost, you’re curious how I run my business, you’re wondering why potential clients are ghosting you, you need to know how to increase your average sale, or what to do if you’re just starting out::: this virtual meeting can cover any questions you want me to tackle during our appointment.


December 2019 Placerville, California Workshop

Master the art of Boudoir Photography during a guided workshop where you work with an expert who has years of experience. I will walk you through the entire process of how I got started, how to market your business, how to make your clients feel comfortable, how to price yourself well, how to find studios, and so much more! I want to give you the tools that no one gave me so you can get that business off the ground, and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

During this one day intensive workshop we will cover

  • Building YOUR unique Brand

  • Marketing locally and to outside locations

  • Pricing for Profitability

  • Defining and achieving goals

  • Establishing Rapport with your clients to create the experience they dream of

  • Discovering your specialty niche

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